Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anasazi Strip - Chapter 34 - Part II

      B.T. finished filling the second syringe and passed it on to a gaping Billy Ray, who had already taken off his faded jean jacket and rolled up his right sleeve. "I'll tell you what, Red, without your help, we'd have been in a world of hurt. And I'm gonna return the favor as best as I can."

      John moaned as he finished plunging the uncut cocaine into his vein."God-fucking-damn, that coke feels good, old buddy!" John let the needle fall into the sand and his face sagged into a satisfied smile.

      B.T. began filling the final hypo with the deadly cocaine solution. "I'll never forget what the three of you brought to this operation, and I know damn well you deserve better than I can give. But we had us some fun digging in that sandbox, didn't we? You bet your ass we did! We were one helluva team."

      John swayed in place and licked dreamily at his lips while Billy Ray untied the bandana tourniquet from his forearm and farted loudly.

      "Be brave, my child," whispered the Magician. "Stand strong and true, and the rest will take care of itself. You must believe."

      "I never doubted that you'd come back for me," said Jenny.

      B.T. placed his palm under Jenny’s elbow and raised her left arm firmly against his side.

     "And I promise to honor our agreement, no matter what happens," said Jenny, ignoring B.T. entirely.

     " The gods will love you, Red. I promise," said B.T. as he reached over and cut away some of her shiny red hair with his knife. Then he stuck the needle into the Jenny’s arm and emptied its contents into her bloodstream.

     Jenny looked down with bemused interest at the syringe sticking into her arm. "Hey, no more snorting this stuff up the nose, huh? We’re doing it for real this time."

     B.T. pulled the needle free and let go of Jenny’s arm. "We are indeed, Red. As real as real can get."

     "You think you won, don’t you?" asked Jenny as a shiver of pleasure ran up her spine.

     "Sure looks that way, Red."

     "You still have to get by the Magician," said Jenny as her eyes twitched madly and her head bobbed back and forth. "And you can’t even see him." Jenny convulsed with laughter.

     B.T. didn’t have time to listen to such foolishness. "Yeah, well, you give him my best regards, Red." 

     B.T. turned around to face the two stoned-out bikers. "She’s all yours, boys. Enjoy her while you still can. I’ll be back for some hair in a few minutes."

     As he approached the chopper, he was met by Otis and the Judge. He signaled them with a thumbs up sign. "All taken care of. They’ll be dead real soon."

     Otis wiped his forehead with the back of his dirty hand. "What the fuck’s going on over there?" He pointed in the direction of the pueblo. "Looks like John-boy is getting ready to cut himself a slice."

     B.T. turned. John had pulled down his jeans and was trying to drag Jenny to the ground where he could better attempt to rape her. It was almost a comical sight; the two drugged bikers looked like a pair of drunken dancers. Billy Ray clumsily elbowed his smaller friend out of the way. John was not interested in sloppy seconds and took a swing at the hulking beast. While B.T. stared in amusement at the demented scene, Billy Ray’s head suddenly exploded in a red haze. The trailing sound of a gunshot quickly followed.

B.T. dove behind a large sandstone boulder and felt a stabbing pain in his wounded leg. Who was attacking them? How could anyone have gotten this close without being heard? And as B.T. listened to a second and then a third gunshot go off near the old pueblo, he wondered if it was indeed the deadly work of the Magician.

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