Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Anasazi Strip - Chapter 34 - Part 1

      B.T. led the procession, with John following closely, and Jenny and Billy Ray bringing up the rear. Jenny felt like her legs were made of rubber and she stumbled several times, only to be caught by Billy Ray.

      "You don't walk so good, Jenny," he said. "You need to do some more drugs."

      B.T. turned around, grinning like a cartoon fox. "Don't worry, boys, we're gonna get you all fixed up real soon. I got some shit here that'll really knock your dicks in the dirt."

      Billy Ray and John hooted with excitement and Jenny tried to clear the cobwebs from her head. She was so tired, she felt like someone had stuck a giant hypodermic needle into her body and drained her of all willpower; just thinking took every ounce of her energy. She took several quick breaths and looked up at the crumbling walls of the massive Anasazi pueblo. The regal Magician was standing just outside the narrow doorway, wearing the colorful funery robes of his forgotten time; his hair braided in a tight, black bun that sprouted the blue and orange tailfeathers of a jungle macaw; around his neck hung a necklace of shiny white cougar claws. He stood as straight as an arrow and smiled with a radiance that warmed Jenny's soul and lifted her spirits.  She instantly felt like she was on top of the world.

      "So you came back, huh?" laughed Jenny as she waved her hand in greeting. "I thought maybe I had imagined you."

      B.T. instinctively pulled his Mac-10 machine pistol from his shoulder holster and spun around to fire on whomever Jenny was talking to. 

      John recoiled in fear, thinking that B.T. had flipped-out and was going to gun him down.

      Billy Ray's eyes widened with alarm and he raised his arms above his head in surrender.  "Hey, what gives?"

      Jenny ignored the rest of the group and walked past B.T. as if he weren't there. "I got them all together for you, Mr. Magician. Now show 'em your stuff." Jenny giggled with giddy anticipation.

      B.T. grabbed her by the forearm and yanked her around. "Who the fuck are you talking to?!"

      It took Jenny a few seconds to straighten up; she finally put her fingers over her mouth to keep from laughing.

      B.T. let go of Jenny's arm when he realized there was no imminent threat. He rubbed his hand over the front of his face nervously. "You trying to get yourself killed, Red, or what?"  B.T. put his gun back in its holster and glanced over at John and Billy Ray who were trying to figure out why the talk of getting high had inexplicably turned so violent. "It's okay, boys. I thought we had some company." B.T. flashed his men a sour look and returned his attention to Jenny, who kept eyeing the door of the pueblo as if it held some wondrous treasure. "What are you looking at, Red?"

      Jenny playfully poked B.T. in the chest. "You can't see him, can you?"

      B.T. frowned. "See who?"

      "The Magician, silly."

      The bikers started laughing and slapping five. "The girl's fucked up, B.T.," explained John. "Now she's seeing the stiff she was talking to all the while we were digging out that goddamn grave. Just pump her up with some coke, and then me and Billy Ray'll pump her up where it really counts." John gripped his crotch and thrust his hips.

      B.T. laughed, knowing full well that they were going to be dead in another half hour. 

      Jenny walked over to the pueblo and began carrying on a spirited conversation with the stone wall.

      "You're hallucinating, Red,” said B.T. That's what happens after you don't sleep for a couple days. When you come down from the coke buzz, you start seeing things that aren't there.  But don't worry, we'll get you all fixed up right now."

      The bikers suspected nothing was amiss; as far as they were concerned, the job was over and it was time to get down and party. B.T. had promised them a special surprise. 

     The chopper was loaded up and almost ready to go. Otis and the Judge were strapping down the last few boxes while B.T. handled the problem. Jenny had been told that she was going to get a dose of coke to get her back on her feet and it didn't look like she was going to offer much resistance to the needle, or anything else. Things were working out quite well, better than B.T. had ever imagined.

      Meanwhile, Jenny and the Magician were concocting their own game plan. The Magician pointed a bony finger at Jenny. "It is time, Redhair. The battle is near. You must ready yourself for the final struggle. When the fighting begins, you hold the pot handle I gave you tightly in your right hand. Remember: Everything depends on you. Whatever happens, don't let go! The Magician seemed to hover just off the ground, his feet hidden by the folds of his full-length leather skirt, and he spoke in a musical cadence. "When I lived in your world, I was a man to be feared.  I sent many men to their graves, and I watched even more die. As a Warrior I was always prepared to die. And as the strong man of my clan, I could summon the hunting spirit of the mountain lion. To swallow my wands, was to dance inside the body of a great cat. Can you imagine?"

      B.T. handed a loaded syringe to nearly-slobbering John, and began prepping a second. “I’ve put together my special brew for the two hardest working men in show business.”

      The Magician's face hardened with anger. "When you have been dug from the earth, like a plant whose roots have been torn from their bed, you are caught between worlds. When all of your most valued possessions have been stolen from you by strangers from beyond your time, you are left with nothing but the hope that someone can understand the depths of your loss. Was I wrong to trust you, Redhair?"

      Jenny looked embarrassed and her eyes went teary. "I promised to help, and I will."

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