Sunday, March 24, 2013


Well, spring is right around the ol’ corner and love is definitiely in the air.

The change of seasons will bring with it big changes to my life.

After stumbling around the earth for 59 years in a perpetual state of wonder, I have finally discovered where it is that I belong, and that is by the side of my partner, friend, and the love of my life, Inna Young.

Inna and I have been together for 6 years now, living and working in Annapolis, while traveling the world. She has made me a better and happier person, patiently teaching me how to truly enjoy my life. I can not imagine living without her.

I had the incredible pleasure of spending this past summer with Inna's mom and dad when they came from Russia to visit. And now I know where Inna gets her strength, generosity, and lust for life. Inna's parents will forever be in my heart and I smile every time I think of them. To be a part of their family is indeed a treasure beyond measure.
And then, of course, there is Inna's son Arthur. I would not claim to be a father to Arthur in any way, but I have watched him graduate from Broadneck High School and the University of Pennsylvania and grow into a fine young man working on Wall Street who makes us infinitely proud. Arthur has become a good friend and he has given me a reassuring glimpse into the next generation.

And so, I have asked Inna to marry me and we will be joining our lives together on May 17th, in Las Vegas, with several close friends and family.
I have asked my old Canyon buddy Larry Lesko to be my best man, and Inna has asked Molly Hoeckel to be her bridesmaid. Arthur and his love Tiala will also be with us in Las Vegas and we will rejoice in their blessings. And my trusty sidekick Jimmy Martin will also be on the team to keep us all in line.
We have decided to have a Celtic wedding ceremony that will be posted on line after the dust has settled.
There is no registry and we are not trolling for loot. We ask only for your good wishes and fellowship as we "handfast" our two spirits together as one and embark on a wonderful new journey into the great unknown. And if, by chance, you happen to remember, please drink a toast to us on the 17th, no matter where you may be.
We look forward to seeing each of you in the next year, to share our joy & love, and if our paths do not cross, please know that you are in our hearts and give us strength and fond memories all the days of our lives.



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