Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Steve Carr

The name is STEVE CARR. And my blog is all about storytelling.

Our free time is limited each day and we want to be entertained. And if we can learn something cool in the process, well then, even better.

The world is coming apart at the seams. And we are all so wired up & tuned in that it’s hard to figure out what’s happening most of the time. Perspective is hard to find. More isn’t necessarily better, it just requires more memory. When they power up the super-duper, must have, 9G or 50G smart phone that will do everything but make us happy, we still won’t be any smarter.

I’m pretty much a Luddite. I think the technology tends to cloud the picture. Don’t get me wrong. The IPhone is like magic. But the only things evolving are our fingers which glide across the tiny keyboards like jazz musicians on crank.

Our brains are too big. Imagine that. And yet, we only use about a third of its capacity. There’s tons of memory that goes unused.

How can we tap into that motherboard? What would we do if we did?

Some believe that drugs can set us free. I tried that route. I discovered that hallucinogenics can open windows, but not doors.

Religion is the opiate that fills our Sundays, but leads to wars.

The Ancients amused themselves with stories. Oral history. Imagination ruled. Music and drums did the rest. But they had lots & lots of free time.

We are different. We fill our days beyond our capacity to dream. We watch videos until it starts to really feel like life, but like snack food, it rarely satisfies. And still our cravings for more & more input nearly drives us all insane. It’s hard to tell what’s real.

My blog is your ticket HOME.

Do you like to bike, hike, canoe, kayak, camp and experience nature up close and personal? Then you will find this site of interest and endless amusement.

Do you worry about global warming, climate change, sea level rise, and the weather crisis already threatening the planet? Then we will learn more about the problem and solutions together.

Do you enjoy reading about the American Southwest, the Chesapeake Bay, and other wild lands under seize? Then this is the blog for you.

But most of all, this blog is about story-telling and fun.

The trajectory of my life has been unpredictable and extremely erratic, but I have picked up a lot of wild tales along the way.

Each day, we will go exploring and you will get a short story to fuel your imagination. A story a day will keep the doctor away.

It’s all free for the taking.

Just download your daily story and start dreaming. I will include excerpts from my southwest novels and my newspaper column. There’s no charge. Please feel free to share with your friends. Let’s build a community of storytellers.

And if you want to comment on what you’ve read, that’s great.

Share your own stories.

Let’s use this new technology to start a new tradition.

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